Functional Programming

[2015.06.09] Web with F#: From Scripts to Azure with Tomas Petricek
Speaker: Tomas Petricek Synopsis: Suave is a lightweight, non-blocking web server. The non-blocking I/O model is efficient and suitable for building fast, [...]
[2015.05.20] Structuring F# Programs with Abstract Data Types with Bryan Edds
Speaker: Bryan Edds Synopsis: A question many people who are new to functional programming ask is, “what does a functional program look like?” [...]
[2009.03.01] The Sieve of Eratosthenes in F#
There are a number of Project Euler problems that involve prime numbers. I figured that before tackling those, I better learn how to generate prime [...]
[2009.02.23] Project Euler: Problem 4
[2009.02.22] Project Euler: Problem 6
Project Euler in F#! Project Euler: Problem 6 Find the difference between the sum of the squares of the first one hundred natural numbers and the square of [...]
[2009.02.22] Project Euler: Problem 2
Now that my previous WPF project is done, I can get back to some F#! Again, I am using Project Euler as my demo platform. Project Euler: Problem 2 Each new [...]
[2009.02.20] F# Types: Discriminated Unions [III/III]
When I first encountered this type, I was confused to say the least. One reason for my confusion was that I found several names for this one concept. So [...]
[2009.02.18] F# Types: Classes [II/III]
[2009.02.18] F# Types: Classes [II/III]
The next type we will examine is a class, which is one of the most commonly used containers in the object oriented world. Like records, classes (and [...]
[2009.02.18] F# Types: Records [I/III]
[2009.02.18] F# Types: Records [I/III]
The Record type is the simplest concrete data structure in F# and is immutable by default. A record is defined using the type keyword, followed by the [...]
[2008.10.14] Visual Studio 2008 and F#
[2008.10.14] Visual Studio 2008 and F#
This is a quick introduction to F# and Visual Studio 2008. Download and install the latest version of F# [September 2008 CTP as of this post]. Fire up [...]