[2015.05.20] Structuring F# Programs with Abstract Data Types with Bryan Edds

2015-05-23 - F#, Functional Programming, NYC F# User Group

Speaker: Bryan Edds
A question many people who are new to functional programming ask is, “what does a functional program look like?” Of course, they’re not asking about the appearance of individual functions. Instead they are asking what the structure of a functional program should look like, in the abstract. And further, how to go about building one. This talk presents a powerful, composable, and general means of building well-structured functional programs, specifically in F#. Presented is a singular, simple functional ‘design pattern’ that can be applied recursively to architect principled F# programs. Like any pattern, it’s applicability is not total. However, for those looking start architecting beautiful functional programs, frameworks, and engines in F#, this is a great first approach to consider.

Bryan Edds is on a quest to improve the lives of software developers everywhere by promoting techniques such as functional programming to make software development a more humane process everywhere.

Resources: Video | Slides + Examples

Discussions: Meetup | Reddit | LinkedIn

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