[2015.05.14] The Four Cs

2015-05-16 - Other

The topic of hiring and interviews comes up every so often, either with my current team or with past coworkers. The consensus is that it is somewhat difficult to get and retain good developers in New York; with one of the prime reasons being that NYC has exploded as a tech hub in a relatively short period of time.Developers, or better yet, technologists are in high demand; yet filling these roles is not a trivial task.

A decent rule of thumb for either moving on to a new role or even staying in your current role is the three Cs: Comradery, Commute and Compensation.

Comradery: Can you stand the people you are working with?

Commute: How much time are you willing to spend just on traveling to/from work? What are you giving up in its place?

Compensation: Are you happy with the amount you are making/being offered?


After chatting with some coworkers today, we have concluded that we need to add another ā€˜Cā€™ into the mix (just to keep with the C trend): CONTENT

Content: Do you enjoy what you do, be it the project or the technology?


Enjoying what you work on creates a sense of fulfillment that can make up for what the original 3 Cs lacked. After all, it is working with innovative content and new technologies that we are not only able to improve personal skill sets, but also further our trade industry. Finding the right balance between the Four Cs will create desirable jobs that candidates demand, and also help you make the decision which suits you best.

Special thanks to Jenny Liu.

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